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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Your Wedding Editor!

These Terms and Conditions outline the rules and regulations guiding the use of Your Wedding Editor’ services. By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions. 

1. Our services and workflow

Please find below the list of services provided by Your Wedding Editor:

  • Footage culling.

  • Soundtrack selection + Licensing.

  • Editing (cinematic and/or documentary style films).

  • Color correction and color grading.

  • Audio editing and sound design. 


You will be asked to provide reference videos for your project. It is the responsibility of each client to provide editing notes, style/mood notes, and sample films to help ensure the most favorable outcome. By requesting a project to Your Wedding Editor, you are granting trust and latitude of freedom for Your Wedding Editor to edit the films to the best of our ability based on the references you have provided for us. 

Your Wedding Editor will match your projects with the most suitable editing team available to help ensure you receive a consistent outcome. However, we cannot guarantee that the same editing team will be available for you every time. Orders that contain multiple projects may be completed by more than one team to help achieve your expected delivery date.

2. Media transfer methods

Raw media can be delivered to us via Dropbox or Google Drive links. Please ensure all media has been transferred properly to your hard drive or cloud service to avoid editing delays. Your Wedding Editor will not take responsibility for delays, or any other inconveniences related to the lack of material that was not delivered by the client. Please remember to include your company logo and editing preferences together with the footage. The delivery date for the project will be established once the raw footage has been received by Your Wedding Editor.

Preferred method: Dropbox links. The best way to organize your media is by dividing it into a different folder per camera used. Once uploaded, please provide Your Wedding Editor with the shared link to access the footage. Our workflow is web-based, so having the footage online will make the entire process 

3. Raw footage file size

​Additional charges will apply if the raw footage file size exceeds 500GB per project. Please find more information below:

  • Up to 500GB: no extra cost.

  • 501GB to 1TB: $65.00

  • 1TB to 1.5TB: $130.00

  • 1.5TB to 2TB: $195.00

If the size of the footage file is larger than the size initially established by the Client on the project settings, Your Wedding Editor will send an invoice for the difference before starting the edit of the project.  

4. Lead times

Please note that our standard 1-2 weeks turnaround time has been temporarily extended to 2-4 weeks due to high demand. 

The delivery date is established once Your Wedding Editor receives the Client’s project request form, raw footage, and payment. 

Please be aware that late delivery of the project does not make Your Wedding Editor liable for a refund or discount on the project.

5. Soundtrack licensing and copyright


Your Wedding Editor will provide licenses to the soundtracks used only if the client has requested the corresponding licenses in their project request form. Should you need licensed soundtracks in your projects, you must always let Your Wedding Editor know about it before the post-production process has started.

Should you prefer to choose and provide the soundtracks for your project, please remember to always include the music files together with your raw footage. At all times, the client remains responsible for ensuring any supplied music complies with any copyright considerations.

Your Wedding Editor is not responsible or liable for the licensing of music that is not included in our Musicbed or Soundstripe wedding subscription. You are held responsible for licensing music in your films if required by law in your country.


No attribute or recognition is required on our behalf. All final products belong exclusively to the Client. Your Wedding Editor is allowed to share the complete videos or part of them for marketing purposes, unless the Client explicitly requests their footage, project files, and/or final cuts NOT to be shared with any person outside of the company. The Client holds their right to privacy and Your Wedding Editor must and will always comply with this request.

6. Revision process

Once your film/s are ready to be reviewed you will be notified through our email. You will get unlimited revisions on your first project and after that, 5 rounds of revisions are included on every project. From the 6th round onwards, the cost per round of revisions will be $40.00.

Once the first version of the video is delivered to the client, the request for revisions should be made within the following 20 days. If no comments or revisions are received within those 20 days, the project will be automatically approved by Your Wedding Editor. 

If revisions are requested by the client, once Your Wedding Editor delivers the updated version of the film/s, new revisions should be made by the client within 10 days. Otherwise, the film/s will be considered approved by Your Wedding Editor. 

Once the project (or video/s inside a project) is approved, no changes can be requested. 

1. In case of requiring revisions on a previously approved video inside a project that still has items (videos) in the editing process, this will be considered an extra round of revisions, which has a cost of $40,00. 

2. In case of requiring to reopen a project to solicit revisions: 

If the revisions are requested within a week of closing the project, there will be an extra charge of $40,00 just like an extra round of revisions. 

If the revisions are submitted after the established period that Wanderlust keeps the footage (one week after approving the project), an extra cost of $150,00 will be applied for regular revisions. This amount covers the re-download of the footage and 2 rounds of revisions.

The changes requested when reopening the project are considered the first round of revisions, and if the Client requests new changes after Your Wedding Editor delivers the new version of the video, that will count as the second round of revisions. From then on, every other round of revisions will be charged as an extra round of revisions ($40,00). 

For major revisions (please see item 6.1 for more information), an extra fee will be applied besides the corresponding amount to reopen the project. 

6.1 Major revisions

A Major revision is considered any change that implies a significant modification requested from the second round of revisions onwards: this includes modifications of the video structure, soundtrack changes, among others (subject to the criteria of the quality control team).

Additional fees apply for major revisions. Please find more information below:

  • $30,00 for major revisions on trailer movies, social media teasers, highlight montages, and “grow your business” edits.

  • $50,00 for major revisions on feature films, archive films, clean edits, and cinematic full films.


A change of soundtrack can only be requested on the first round of revisions. This is because the change of a soundtrack implies a modification of the structure of the entire video. In consequence, the video might need to be re-edited. If a change of soundtrack is requested from the second round of revisions on, this will be charged as a major revision.

7. Media storage

It is the Client’s responsibility to create full backups of all media provided. Your Wedding Editor will not be responsible in the event of loss or damage of media.

Your Wedding Editor will store all the raw media provided by the Client for up to one week after the project is approved and closed. After said period, all footage and project files will be permanently removed from Your Wedding Editor’ servers.

8. Payments

Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, and/or wire transfers. 50% per project is required up front to start working on the projects.

The condition and characteristics of the footage, among a variety of other factors, influence the post-production process. Your Wedding Editor commits to giving its best to create a final product the Client is satisfied with, but for multiple reasons, the result might not always be as expected. If for any reason beyond Your Wedding Editor’ control, the Client is not satisfied with the result, Your Wedding Editor will not be liable for any refund.

9. Model release agreements

The client hereby agrees that Your Wedding Editor is not responsible for any talent/model release agreements, nor permissions to be obtained for people featuring in the videos.

Your Wedding Editor will not take any responsibility for any talent/model authorizations or permissions that may be required to feature people in the projects Wanderlust Video edits. 



Your Wedding Editor may update these terms at any time without prior notice. Should changes be made, the Client will always get notified. All changes become effective upon posting on our digital platform. Continued participation in the use of Your Wedding Editor’ services after any modification shall constitute consent to such modification.

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